History of BBA

The company was started by Ronald Bergeson and Randall Boese in the late 1980s. The original name of the company was Bergeson-Boese & Associates, Inc. (BB&A). Early projects undertaken by BB&A primarily included the subsurface assessment and remediation of properties impacted by petroleum hydrocarbon releases. Assessment activities required the collection of subsurface soil and groundwater samples. To facilitate subsurface sample collection, BB&A began the drilling/probing division of the company in 1991.

From this beginning, BB&A recruited experienced professional engineers, geologists, chemists, and environmental scientists and broadly expanded its professional capabilities. Today, BB&A Environmental provides comprehensive services including, for example, regulated underground storage tank investigations, environmental site assessments for property transactions, hazardous and solid waste investigations, water resource evaluations, environmental compliance auditing and reporting, and the design and engineering of in-situ soil and groundwater remediation systems.

Serving commercial, industrial, residential, & public clientele throughout the western U.S. and Alaska since 1989.