New NPDES Industrial Stormwater Permits

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has issued revisions to the National Pollution Elimination System (NPDES) Industrial Stormwater Permits 1200-Z (effective July 1, 2012—June 30, 2017), 1200-ZN (new facility not previously permitted; effective October 1, 2011—September 30, 2016), and 1200-COLS (Columbia Slough; effective October 1, 2011—September 30, 2016). For some parameters, statewide benchmarks and reference concentrations for impairment pollutants have become significantly more stringent. For example, the benchmark for total zinc has been reduced from 0.6 mg/l to 0.12 mg/l. The new permits also include 26 sector specific monitoring requirements which, in addition to statewide benchmarks, include additional parameters and corresponding benchmarks. Facilities discharging to impaired waters (determined by the DEQ) must meet additional requirements. There are also new corrective action requirements for impairment pollutants and benchmark exceedance. For more detailed information View or Print a Stormwater Management Brochure.

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